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Why The Fashion And Textile Industries Need A Sustainable Makeover
The fashion and textile industries are in desperate need of a sustainable makeover. Why? The global textile industry produces large quantities of toxic chemicals, requires substantial amounts of
The Truth about Thread Counts
The Truth about Thread Counts
Mélange Yarn
Melange Yarn Definition - It may be defined as the yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers.
How to Dye Your Own Yarn
How to Dye Your Own Yarn
All about Crochet Yarn
Article on crochet yarn Yarns are made up of a number of plies, each ply being a single spun yarn, Yarns come in a multitude of sizes and types, crotchetier feel unappreciated by yarn stores that seem
Usage of Yarn in T-Shirts
T-Shirts As A Piece Of Clothing Without Buttons, Was Originally Very Popular In The U.S, Where The U.S. Navy During Or After The Spanish-American War. The Crew Neck, Short-Sleeved Shirt And White
Understanding yarn for knitting
Understanding yarn for knitting by Toby Russell - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel Industry Articles,
Spinning the Perfect Yarn
Air-Jet Spinning Technology is being adopted by several companies due to its advantages. Air Jet spinning of yarn provides premium quality increased yarn tenacity.
The Genesis of a Yarn and Fabric Junkie
The Genesis of a Yarn and Fabric Junkie
Procedure For Mercerizing The Cotton Yarn
Procedure For Mercerizing The Cotton Yarn
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