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Procedure For Mercerizing The Cotton Yarn
Procedure For Mercerizing The Cotton Yarn
Homespun Knitting Yarn
Article By Liz Raad On Homespun Knitting Yarn, Homespun Knitting Yarn Can Be Another One Of Those Misleading Misnomers To Anybody Who Is New To The World Of Knitting For Fun Or For Profit, Natural
Methods of Testing Yarn Hairiness
Methods of Testing Yarn Hairiness: Hairiness is a measure of the amount of fibres protruding from the structure of the yarn. Measurement Methods for Yarn Hairiness, Optical Yarn Hairiness Measurement
Compact cotton yarn
This article presents an analysis and comparison of the parameters of cotton yarn spun on the Fiomax EliTe compact spinning frame from Suessen, and on the PJ 34 conventional ring spinning frame.
Danx, A Contrarian in the Yarn Industry
The timing of this year's China International Trade Fair for Spring Summer Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (Intertextile) in Shanghai is unusual, because it's not only the first international textile
Production And Properties Of Core-Spun Yarns
Production And Properties Of Core-Spun Yarns
Which Knitting Yarns Should You Choose?
Which Knitting Yarns Should You Choose?
Quality Requirements for Hosiery Yarns
Article By Dr. K. P. Chellamani & M. K. Vittopa, Quality Requirements For Hosiery Yarns, The Tendency Of A Yarn To Shed Fly Or Lint During Any Mechanical Process Is Termed As Lint Shedding And
Yarns for Fashion Applications
Fancy Yarn: fancy yarns are defined as the yarns in which defects are deliberately used as decorative in discontinuous or interruptive fashion. Nowadays fancy yarns are produced by specialist spinners
Metallic Yarns and Fibres in Textiles
Metallic Yarn an Metal fibre Manufacturing Process -Metallic Yarns,Silver Metallic Yarn,Gold Metallic Yarns,Metal Fibre,Metal Fiber are made from strips of a synthetic film, such as polyester, coated
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