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Truetzschler IDF2 technology scores at Jyoti Cotspin, Samana
Jyoti Cotspin Ltd was established in 2006 by Madan Singla, its chairman and managing director. This open end unit manufacturing 100% cotton yarn started with 960 rotors and now has grown to 2240
LC636 - A carding machine tailor-made for high value generation
The quality of the card sliver has a substantial impact on yarn output. Well carded is therefore, half spun. LMW's Card LC636 is a step forward in the company's journey of breaking barriers and
Natural plant dyes
There are many Plant Materials that can be used for dyeing yarns and materials: roots, bark, leaves, berries and seeds. Natural Plant Dyes can be poured down the drain with running water.
Sewing Threads & their Technical Applications
Sewing threads small diameter yarns satisfy the needs of end use applications in many technical textile aspects. Know different types of industrial sewing threads qualities and their technical
India has Potential to be World Leader in Handmade Textiles
Handmade Textiles Design - India has Potential to be World Leader in Handmade Textiles. Indias Hand Made Textiles Design industry can spin magic yarns for both domestic buyers.
Structural properties of handloom and powerloom cottons
Handloom & power loom fabrics suitable for dress material & shirt material were developed in plain weave with similar warp and weft yarns of 2/40s, 2/80s and 2/120s.
Overview on nylon chip market
Glimpse of Nylon Chip Market. Nylon Fabrics, Nylon Yarns due to Highest Abrasion Resistance, Highest tenacity, Highest soiling, Best Light Fastness are Used in Automotive Carpets.
Metro Hi-Tech Co-Operative Textile Park
Read Article on Metro Hi-Tech Co-Operative Textile Park. Said Textile Park is being developed by a group of local textile entrepreneurs. The park is having 101 units comprising of Spinning, Weaving
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