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Innovative yarns for special and technical textiles
Yarn spinning is a process of manufacturing yarn from different types of fibres into a continuous length from one or more type of fibres, writes Pradeep Kulshrestha.
A New Process of Producing Spandex Yarns
A New Process of Producing Spandex Yarns
Measurement of slub yarns with the USTER® TESTER
Measurement of slub yarns with the USTER® TESTER
Fibers & Yarns Industry in Turkey
Read Article on the Fibers and Yarns Industry in Turkey, Production of Turkish Fibers and Yarns, Fibers and Yarns Industry Report, Turkey The Fibers and Yarns Industry Statistics and Turkish The
Neural model of the spinning process for predicting selected properties of flax/cotton yarn blends
The design of a Yarn Spinning Model based on the use of Artificial Neural Networks as well as the measurements aimed at collecting the data necessary for this model. Partial models of the spinning
Comparative Study of Blended Worsted Yarn Tensile Properties, Measured in Different Principles of Measurement
For measuring single yarn tensile strength mainly constant rate of extension (CRE) and constant rate of loading (CRL) principles are used.
A Review of Cotton Yarn Exports from Pakistan in 2013
Pakistan Cotton Yarn Exports in 2013 - A Review of Cotton Yarn Exports from Pakistan in 2013 - Pakistan was the fourth largest cotton producer and the second largest cotton yarn exporter in 2013.
Shining with metallic fibre
Metal Yarns for Fabric - Metallic fibre clothing has become an integral part of fashion in modern era. Metallic Yarn makes an ordinary garment chic and attractive.
Desired and Undesired Hair of p/w DRF Yarns
Article on Drf Yarn, DRF Yarns Quality, DRF Yarns Fibre Quality, DRF yarns than conventional yarns produced by different fiber length comparatively by Lokesh Shukla, Dept. of Textile Technology at the
Using coarse wool through braiding machine for durable products
A braiding machine weaves strands of yarns to form rope, reinforced hose, covered power cords, types of laces by using cotton, polyester and nylon yarns.
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