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European benzene prices fall steeply, Europe
Compared to Asian markets which displayed bullish trends, benzene prices in European markets encountered a steep fall of around ......
Propylene prices display mixed trends, Global
Propylene prices in the Far East region have been falling since the last two Wednesday’s, continued to do on September 2 too, to plunge by US $.....
Arkema increases prices of oxygenated solvents, France
Arkema announced that effective September 10, 2009, or as contracts allow, it will raise the price of its oxygenated solvents in Europe by 100 €/ton.
Propylene prices in free fall mode, Europe
Propylene prices in the Far East region have been plunging since the last two fortnights continued to do on September 16 and declined by ......
Ethylene prices fall in Asia & Europe, Global
Ethylene prices for Asia and Europe which had fallen on September 16 continued the trend yesterday too, while in the US markets, prices continued to gain in momentum set in the last few weeks.
Propylene prices continue falling in Far East, Global
Propylene prices in the Far East region have been plunging since the last two fortnights continued to do on September 23 and declined by US $xx per ton, when compared with prices prevailing on
Prices of cationic filament firm up, China
In the just concluded week (October 12 to 18), cationic filament moved higher due to strong drive of PTA futures and polyester raw material, due to which, sales volume also obviously enlarged.On
Flare up in cotton prices worries textile sector, India
Cotton prices are flaring up since the last one month and in some regions are even shooting up over the Minimum Support Price (MSP) mandated by the government, which is causing ......
Cotton prices expected to maintain upward trend, China
Recently, the auctioning of state reserves cotton has undoubtedly become the focus of market attention. On November 19, the state announced the third round of release of .....
Market express of propylene prices on August 13, China
On August 13, propylene prices have gone down compared to last week. Experts suggest that plunge in the...
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