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Chinese polyester raw material prices under adjustment, China
In the past week, Chinese raw material prices in the polyester value chain were under adjustment mode. In particular, polyester filament market sank into deadlock ......
Propylene & ACN prices stay stable, Global
In S E Asian countries, Propylene price was stable at US$ ......
Asian propylene prices shoot up, Global
In S E Asian countries, Propylene price shot up from US$ .....
Wool prices softer, Cape Wools, South Africa
The market was softer at this week’s sale and Cape Wools’ Merino indicator dropped 2% compared with the previous sale a fortnight
Asian propylene prices remain firm, Global
In S E Asian countries, Propylene price remained firm at US$ .....
China’s cotton demand & prices to rebound, China
Demand for cotton in China, the world’s largest consumer of cotton, is likely to bounce back this year, which ...
Global propylene prices turn stable, Global
In S E Asian countries, price of Propylene remained stable at US$ .....
Propylene prices stay unchanged in western markets, Global
In S E Asian countries, Propylene price was stable at US$ .......
Chinese VSF prices rise in previous week, Global
During the previous week, price of VSF increased to RMB ......
Propylene prices plunge in SE Asia, Global
In S E Asian countries, price of Propylene decreased by US$ ......
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