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CPL prices dip, nylon chip remains stable, Asia
In Chinese market, caprolactam (CPL) price slid down and new price was assessed around ....
Rising prices & shortage of raw jute causes concern, Nepal
A reported decline in jute production in Bangladesh has hit the industry in Nepal, since Nepal sources a major requirement of jute
Scarcity of cotton & high prices scares textile sector, Pakistan
As depicted by a recent report, cotton prices in China which were recorded at Yuan 18,000 per ton in August, started rising since then, and are now touching ....
PX, PTA & ethylene prices stay unchanged, Global
Paraxylene remained unchanged from yesterday’s level. The Chinese market remained shut. In S E Asian market, price was in the range of .....
High cotton prices compel mills to change product mix, Asia
With cotton prices prevailing at a 15-year high, traders now are considering purchasing cotton in smaller volumes, rather then placing
Benzene prices mount, nylon chip stays steady, Asia
Downstream buying intention was firm in benzene market. Benzene prices jumped up by US $ .....
Raw silk prices look difficult to come down, China
Most cocoon and silk contracts fell on Monday in Guangxi province, but the market recovered Tuesday, most contracts closed higher. Dry cocoon .....
Raw cotton prices get impetus due to restricted arrivals, India
Prices of raw cotton got further impetus with the increase in export demands. The arrival of cotton in the local market has also been .....
Cocoon & raw silk prices still continue to climb, China
At present, the last batch of autumn cocoon is actively entering the market in Guangxi; purchase price of dry cocoon has exceeded .....
PX, PTA & MEG prices continue to rise, Global
Paraxylene prices continued to rise and touched the level of US $ .....
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