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Post-holidays cotton yarn prices head North, China
Chinese yarn prices have been affected by imported yarns prices in the recent months...
Polyester yarn prices expected to plunge further, India
The spinners have already lowered the yarn prices by around Rs 8 per kilogram in the last few days apprehending the possibility of
Cotton yarn prices continue decline, China
In the past week, pure cotton yarn market trends were unable to pick up, as prices continued to fall. Currently, ....
Crucial Cotton: Constraints and Confusion in 2010
Cotton Price Hike: Cotton Price Hike in India,Cotton Price Increase,Cotton Price Increase in 2010,Indian Cotton Prices 2010 review. India has the largest land area under cotton cultivation in the
TEA urges textile mills not to increase yarn prices, India
The Tiruppur Exporters’ Association (TEA) has urged the textile mills to not to increase the cotton yarn prices and also not to stop cotton yarn supply. The ₹20 per kg increase in cotton yarn price in
China’s yarn production up, prices decline, China
China’s yarn production has increased to ...
Yarn prices continue to fall in Chinese markets, China
The prices of pure cotton yarn, polyester/cotton (P/C) yarn and rayon yarn continue to fall in ...
Cotton yarn prices decrease in Indian market, India
The prices of cotton yarn have declined in the Indian market by around Rs. ..../kg on October 22, 2013, due to
Yarn prices still moving northwards, China
Cotton procurement is becoming more difficult due to the soaring price of cotton, due to which cotton yarn price continues to grow .....
Textile mills uneasy as yarn prices dip, India
The recent fall in natural and synthetic yarn prices has made the textiles mills uneasy, as it has led to ...
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