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SpinPact - LMW’s Suction Compact System
SpinPact, the latest compact spinning system from the stables of Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) offers a compelling value proposition that is hard to refuse. Offered with LMW Ringframe LRJ 9 series, the
Effect of Cleaning Point of Uniclean Machine in Blow room on Cleaning Efficiency and Yarn Quality
Article on Effect of Cleaning Point of Uniclean Machine in Blow room on Cleaning Efficiency and Yarn Quality, Uniclean Machine Blow Room, Uniclean Machine Blow Room Effect by Ujjwal G. Patil,
Success Story: Ring spinning system G 32 - the first choice for mixed yarn production
Rieter's customer Sharmanji Yarns Pvt Ltd faced a high demand for its well-known polyester/cotton yarn. To increase production, the company decided to invest in a ring spinning system G 32. The
Cost Effective Weaving by Direct Creel
Pradeep Kulshrestha explains the benefits of direct creel in weaving. Conventional weaving was carried out by warp packages, beginning with warping-direct and sectional, then sizing, if required, and
Fabrics from bamboo charcoal
Bamboo Charocal, Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics are used in houses by placing them in between Flooring Materials. These fibres are used to make Bamboo Charcoal Yarn from which fabrics are manufactured.
Recent Trends in Utilization of Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics
Recent Trends In Utilization Of Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics And Computer Technology In Fashion Designing And Management, Recent Trends In Fiber, Yarn And Fabric Management In Textile-Apparel-Distribution
The Fiber Year 2008/09: A World Survey on Textile and Nonwovens Industry
The Fiber Year 2008/09 Is The Ninth Issue To Describe In Detail Developments In The Worlds Manmade Fiber, Spun Yarn And Nonwovens Industry. Its Target Is To Provide A Comprehensive Picture On The
Seven Fabric Trends for 2019
Recycling and Upcycling are two of the biggest trends of the new year. Bionic Yarn and Sea2See are just two suppliers that have been recycling and upcycling plastic from the ocean into new apparel.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact Divides Apparel Community
Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact - As the name implies, the yarn-forward rule means that all stages of production, starting with yarn spinning, moving to fabric formation and the final garment
Causes and Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics
Read Article on Causes of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Influence of yarn properties, Influence of fabric properties and Influence of machine
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