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Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact Divides Apparel Community
Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact - As the name implies, the yarn-forward rule means that all stages of production, starting with yarn spinning, moving to fabric formation and the final garment
Causes and Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics
Read Article on Causes of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Influence of yarn properties, Influence of fabric properties and Influence of machine
Knit Processing-SDC Concept
The textile wet processing industry for apparel applications is considered to comprise of yarn dyeing, piece dyeing and Knit dyeing. SDC concept is also being used within it
Guidelines on Blowroom Operations for Regenerated Cellulosic Fibres
Regenerated Cellulosic Fibres: Blowroom is the first operation of yarn production in spinning mill. Due to presence of different blow room machines, fibres, Exceptional innovations in fibre
Taiwan firms see risks, benefits from trade war
Textile exporters of Taiwan have welcomed a US ruling on dumping of polyester textured yarn by Chinese and Indian companies, but those operating in Vietnam see risks instead of new business
Avoiding Fabric Holes Caused by Needle Cuts and Other Variables
Reducing Needle Cutting - Needle cutting is the breaking of yarns in the fabric as the needle enters the seam. Sewing needle is composed of a needle point which tapers out to create the blade,
Textile Fibres
Article By Muhammad Aleem Ahmed, On The Textile Fibres And Classification Of Textile Fibres, As Fibres Are The Fundamental Units Or The Building Blocks Used In The Making Of Textile Yarns And Fabrics,
Tangaliya - The Lesser Known Textile Craft of Saurashtra Gujarat
Tangaliya shawl is a traditonal textile craft of Saurashtra in Gujarat. Initially it was woven using yarns made from the wool of the sheep in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat.
Faithfully yours, forever
The enduring fabric has kept pace with evolving fashion trends, deftly twining with special yarns to create fusion fabrics and clothing like never seen before.
How to keep your cool in cashmere
These yarns are left exactly as they exist in nature from the fleece of the goat and sheep they come from, reflecting the beauty of these untouched hues and color. All styles produced are completely
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