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The Thread Revolution
Yarns and threads as conductors of electricity and dataWith its smart yarns, the Amann Group provides textile solutions for areas of application that go well beyond sewing and embroidery threads. At
The use of an integral RBFN method to identify the spinning balloon shape
Article is based on the use of an integral RBFN method to identify the spinning balloon shape. The non-linear governing equation for the yarn balloon shape, The basis of the Integral RBFN approach and
Automotive Textile
Article By Dubas S. Narayan On Automotive Textile As Textile Industry Began With The Need Of Protecting Human Being From The Changing Climatic Conditions And New Yarn And Fiber Development Is One Of
Slasher Indigo Dyeing Technology
Article By New Cloth Market On Slasher Indigo Dyeing Technology, That Is Mainly Used For Yarn Dyeing And In This Article Slasher Indigo Dyeing Technology Advantages And Features Are Discussed As
The customer journey: Garg Acrylics Limited
Ludhiana based Garg Acrylics Ltd (GAL), one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of yarn and garments, has had a strong association with Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) that spans over
Sensing fabrics for monitoring physiological and biomechanical variables: e-textile solutions
Article is based on Sensing fabrics for monitoring physiological and biomechanical variables of e-textile solutions. Flat-Knitting Technology is allows the implementation of fabric where defined yarns
Compression Garments
Compression Garments Are Also Known As Skin Tight Clothing Which Gives A Mild Compression On The Body And Muscles And The High Quality Yarns Are Used In These Garments. The Garments Are Manufactured
New Generation Tensile Tester: CTT
Article By B.R.Das And S.Hati, New Generation Tensile Tester, CTT, Constant Tension Transport, Important Aspect Of Dynamic Tensile Testing Of Spun Yarns Is The Possibility Of Predicting The
The fiber year 2007/08: A world survey on textile and nonwovens industry
The Fiber Year 2007/08 is the eighth issue to describe in detail developments in the world manmade fiber, spun yarn and nonwovens industry.
Air Jet Texturising A Versatile Process of Texturising
The air-jet texturising process is by far the most versatile of all the yarn texturising methods in that it can blend filaments together during processing.
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