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Wear & Tear of a Spinning Front Line Rubber Cot
Read Theory of Spinning Front Line Rubber Cot and Wear & Tear of a Spinning Front Line Rubber Cot. In general yarn quality is influenced by Quality of raw material, Opening & cleaning
Fabrics from the Desert Land 'The Kota Doria'
Kota Doria From Rajasthan. Fabrics From Desert Land. Woven From Silk Yarn And Cotton In Different Combination Of Warp And Weft Known As Khat. Steps For Preparing Doria. Dyes Mixed In Proper Proportion
Rising Rupee, High Input Costs Hit Textile Cos
Article By The Economic Times, Rising Rupee, High Input Costs Hit Textile Cos, Soaring Raw Material Prices, Have Left The Slowdown-Hit Textile Industry, Textile Industry’s Troubles, Cotton & Yarn
Bombay to Goa: Journey of the Denim
Denim History: Textile Industry probably produced Denim more than woven fabric. Elastic Weft Denim Fabric is one of best denim growth product. Lycra Yarn used in stretchable denim fabric due to
A Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric
The Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric & Spirality of Knitted Fabric. Yarn tension, No. of feeders and Stitch length on the spirality of single jersey knitted fabrics.
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric weaving is nothing but simple interlacement of warp & weft yarns; this process depends on type, quality & continuity of yarn coming from weaving
Investigation into navel selection for rotor spinning machine using cotton waste
This study Investigated into navel selection such as form, number of grooves, fluted insert, material, lengths of ceramic part and grooves on rotor yarn spun from 100% cotton waste for Rotor Spinning
Size-free weaving of cotton fabric on a modern high-speed weaving machine: A progress report
A weaving trial with a size-less cotton warp yarn (20/1 Ne) was conducted under mill-like conditions on a modern high-speed, Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine. The research was conducted to use a modern
Truetzschler IDF2 technology scores at Jyoti Cotspin, Samana
Jyoti Cotspin Ltd was established in 2006 by Madan Singla, its chairman and managing director. This open end unit manufacturing 100% cotton yarn started with 960 rotors and now has grown to 2240
LC636 - A carding machine tailor-made for high value generation
The quality of the card sliver has a substantial impact on yarn output. Well carded is therefore, half spun. LMW's Card LC636 is a step forward in the company's journey of breaking barriers and
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