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LC636 - A carding machine tailor-made for high value generation
The quality of the card sliver has a substantial impact on yarn output. Well carded is therefore, half spun. LMW's Card LC636 is a step forward in the company's journey of breaking barriers and
Two-in-One, Figured Floor Carpets and Mats- By weft Tapestry Principle
This Article Deals About A New Type Of Two In One Fabric Produced In Weft Tapestry Principle Using Coarser Weft Yarn Producing Thick Fabric Suitable For Floor Carpets And Mats.
Spinning mills in Tamilnadu face turmoil
Spinning Mills In Tamilnadu Face Turmoil, Export Market Hit Economic Crisis, Declining Foreign Orders, Textile Industry, Major Part Of Spinning Mills Involve In Manufacturing Yarn Remains Idle. Global
Mems in Textile
Article By Mayur D. Katkar And Sourabh Shinde On Textile Industry, Particularly In The Weaving Areas, Needs Sensors To Monitor For Faults And To Aid The Automation Of Warp Yarn Repair. As Mems Micro
Impact of Proposed EU duty Concessions on Pakistan’s Textile Industry: An analysis
Impacts of EU Duty Concessions for Pakistan Textile Industry: EU gives concessions for Pakistan Woven Garments, Knitted Garments, Home Textiles, Cotton Yarn & Fabrics, Synthetic & Polyester,
Space Dyeing
Space Dyeing - Space dyeing and printing techniques involves dyeing of yarn with multiple colors to create abstract color patterns which may or may not repeat after fixed interval.
Methods of Space Dyeing
Different method of Space Dyeing are Hank printing, Skein printing, knit de knit process, Continuous or warp yarn printing are the various methods of space dyeing on different forms of yarn.
Indian apparel industry by 2010-11
study of Indian Apparel Industry by 2010 – 2011 emphasis on issues related to Fully-automated textile processing in discontinuous (batch wise) yarn and piece dyeing, Finishing plants in central
Crisis in Spinning Industry
Crisis in Spinning Industry - 1/3rd production cutback from May 24th in Indian Spinning Mills. CII and CITI has requested Indian government to reinstate DEPB on yarn export which would be the biggest
Printing of jute with vegetable colour - An approach towards diversification
Jute with Vegetable Colour: Jute Dye which is used for making printing of jute fibres and fabrics. Dyeing and printing of Jute Yarn and Fabric with vegetable colours and vegetable dyes for producing
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