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A Case Study on Buckling of Weft on Different Looms
Buckling of Weft on Different Looms - A Case Study on Buckling of Weft on Different Looms & study the causes of buckling, How percentages count on buckling, different parameters of Buckling.
Turkey: Growing on resilience
Turkey has been beset with problems for a while. But since the referendum of 2016, the country's economy has been stabilising. Read to know more.
Application of extra weft technique to design Kota Doria
Kota Doria is a handloom cotton fabric known for its weaving style that makes the fabric translucent and light and is best suited for summers.
Dirty Linen?
Linen used to be the widely used textile material for apparel clothing for ages, owing to its strength, durability and long-lasting property. The last few decades have witnessed revival of linen and
Government Turns a Sensible Leaf, At Long Last
Article by Dr. H.K. Sehgal on Government Turns a Sensible Leaf, At Long Last also describes about Raging Controversy within Textile Family and some hopeful signs of it, It appeared that the Government
SpinPact - LMW’s Suction Compact System
SpinPact, the latest compact spinning system from the stables of Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) offers a compelling value proposition that is hard to refuse. Offered with LMW Ringframe LRJ 9 series, the
Study the Yield% Maximization in the Cotton Spinning Industry
Yield Maximization in Cotton Spinning Industry: Yield shows the performance of any industry and efficiency of the industry to convert the raw material into the finished goods. Textile cotton spinning
Barré: Methods to Prevent Barré in Knitted Fabric
Read Interesting Article on Methods to Prevent Barre in Knitted Fabric, Identification of Barre, Causes of Barre, Physical Barre Analysis, Fiber Quality/Raw Material Management and Knitting Processes
Technical Textiles - Present Trend and Requirements
Article By Shabana. M. Bairagdar And Swati V. Chavan On Technical Textiles Present Trend And Requirements Technical Textiles Supply Chain Is A Long And Complex And Many More At Fibre2fashion
A View at the Textile & Garment Sector from Multi-disciplinary Angle
Read Article On A View At The Textile & Garment Sector From Multi-Disciplinary, Textile Industry, As We Know Has Been Facing Such Challenges In The Last Few Decades. Present Meltdown Scenario In
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