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Bombay to Goa: Journey of the Denim
Denim History: Textile Industry probably produced Denim more than woven fabric. Elastic Weft Denim Fabric is one of best denim growth product. Lycra Yarn used in stretchable denim fabric due to
Indian Textile & Apparel Industry: Brightest Future Ever
Future Growth of Textile & Apparel Industry: global textile & apparel Industry trade till 2020 along with comparison for compounded annual growth rate for apparel and yarn exports for Asian
A Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric
The Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric & Spirality of Knitted Fabric. Yarn tension, No. of feeders and Stitch length on the spirality of single jersey knitted fabrics.
Study the Yield% Maximization in the Cotton Spinning Industry
Yield Maximization in Cotton Spinning Industry: Yield shows the performance of any industry and efficiency of the industry to convert the raw material into the finished goods. Textile cotton spinning
Material transport with air jet
Rare examples of Material Transport with Air Jet in industry field Weaving Technology is the weft (the transversal yarn of the fabric) is shot by air jet. This paper will set up the mathematical
Indian Textile Industry Poised For New Heights
The number of spinning mill in the country under non-SSI sector and SSI sector has gone upto to 3151 as at the end of December 2010 from 2491 existed at the end of March 2000.Capacity building in yarn
Textile Wastewater can make a Difference
Article By Fibre2fashion On Textile Wastewater Can Make A Difference And Also Tells That Polyester Fibres Involve A Smaller Water Footprint And The Base Color Of The Recycled Polyester Yarn Ranges
Technology of Denim Production: Part-I
Denim Manufacturing Process Explained: Denim Production Process & Yarn Manufacturing Process includes spinning, dyeing, sizing, weaving and finishing process. Blow Room Machinery, Rotor Spinning
To reduce the downtime during warp knotting operation and improve the quality of warp knotting process
Automatic knotting machines To reduce the downtime during warp knotting operation and improve the quality of warp knotting process. The automatic knotting machines can process a wide range of yarn
India has Potential to be World Leader in Handmade Textiles
Handmade Textiles Design - India has Potential to be World Leader in Handmade Textiles. Indias Hand Made Textiles Design industry can spin magic yarns for both domestic buyers.
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