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An Introduction to Dyeing & Finishing of Wool
An Introduction to Dyeing & Finishing of Wool Fabrics - Dyeing of Wool, Dyeing of Wool fabrics, Wool top, Wool yarn and garments finishing.
Fabric Pill Formation for Commercially Available Fabrics
A study on fabric pill formation for commercially available fabrics. Also lists some of the the parameters that would influence pilling under yarn category and more accurate details in an article at
Origin of ends-down in ring spinning
Article is based on ends-down in ring spinning has a direct influence on the profitability of the Spinning Process. Exposed section of the yarn path, Conditions in the spinning triangle, Factors
A look at the numerous types of spinning wheels which exist
A spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn which comes from the natural or Man Made Fibers. Modern Spinning Techniques are providing of automatic means to rotate the spindle, an
Studies on Weight of Knitted Fabrics
Studies on Weight of Knitted Fabrics Produced By P/W DRF Yarns in Co-Relation to Processing Parameters. Learn more about Weight of Knitted Fabrics,Knitted Fabrics Weight,Weight of Fabrics,Fabric
Hybrid textiles
Hybrid Textile refers to fabric that has more than one type of Structural Fibre in its manufacture. It is a mixture of spun yarns of Reinforcing Fibres and Thermoplastic Matrix Fibres. Hybrid textiles
Be Fashionable-the Bamboo way
Bamboo clothing One of the most sustainable gifts of nature to mankind. Similar to the growth of a bamboo plant, fame of bamboo clothing is also gaining global attention.
Sales and Operations Planning for Textile & Apparel Industries
Process innovation and change are intricate always due to the complexity involved in altering the decisions, tasks, and skill sets of the people involved in the course of action.
'White Gold' from the land of pharaohs: Egyptian
Article By Fibre2fashion, ‘White Gold’ From The Land Of Pharaohs: Egyptian, Egyptian Cotton Famous As The Pyramids Of Giza And Today Has Become Favorite Material For Apparel Manufacturers, Rich Soil
Trends of Textile Exports of Pakistan
Pakistan has dynamic, vigorous and export oriented textile industry that has an overwhelming impact on economy. Pakistan is the fourth biggest cotton producer in the world. Nine million bales of
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