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SpinPact - LMW’s Suction Compact System
SpinPact, the latest compact spinning system from the stables of Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) offers a compelling value proposition that is hard to refuse. Offered with LMW Ringframe LRJ 9 series, the
Barré: Methods to Prevent Barré in Knitted Fabric
Read Interesting Article on Methods to Prevent Barre in Knitted Fabric, Identification of Barre, Causes of Barre, Physical Barre Analysis, Fiber Quality/Raw Material Management and Knitting Processes
Technical Textiles - Present Trend and Requirements
Article By Shabana. M. Bairagdar And Swati V. Chavan On Technical Textiles Present Trend And Requirements Technical Textiles Supply Chain Is A Long And Complex And Many More At Fibre2fashion
A View at the Textile & Garment Sector from Multi-disciplinary Angle
Read Article On A View At The Textile & Garment Sector From Multi-Disciplinary, Textile Industry, As We Know Has Been Facing Such Challenges In The Last Few Decades. Present Meltdown Scenario In
Variation in Export-quality Knitted Hosiery Fabrics Manufactured by Pakistan Textile Industry
The Knitwear (Hosiery) Industry Is Playing A Vital Role In Value Addition Of Textile Sector. In The Export Field, The Hosiery Knitwear Industry Of Pakistan Has Managed To Make A Big Name In Many
Be Fashionable-the Bamboo way
Bamboo clothing One of the most sustainable gifts of nature to mankind. Similar to the growth of a bamboo plant, fame of bamboo clothing is also gaining global attention.
Sales and Operations Planning for Textile & Apparel Industries
Process innovation and change are intricate always due to the complexity involved in altering the decisions, tasks, and skill sets of the people involved in the course of action.
'White Gold' from the land of pharaohs: Egyptian
Article By Fibre2fashion, ‘White Gold’ From The Land Of Pharaohs: Egyptian, Egyptian Cotton Famous As The Pyramids Of Giza And Today Has Become Favorite Material For Apparel Manufacturers, Rich Soil
Metro Hi-Tech Co-Operative Textile Park
Read Article on Metro Hi-Tech Co-Operative Textile Park. Said Textile Park is being developed by a group of local textile entrepreneurs. The park is having 101 units comprising of Spinning, Weaving
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