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China Polyester Filament Yarn Market shoots up in July
China Polyester Filament Yarn Market Shoots Up In July, Chart- 1 PFY Prices And Sales In Jan – July, 2009, Chart- 2 PFY Prices And Sales In July, 2009, China polyester filament yarn market gained
Removing the cotton yarn export restrictions - the other side
Cotton Yarn Export India: Cotton Yarn Exporters has requested to government for removing cotton yarn export ban because cotton yarn prices increasing 25% since October 2009. Huge volume of cotton
Why The Fashion And Textile Industries Need A Sustainable Makeover
The fashion and textile industries are in desperate need of a sustainable makeover. Why? The global textile industry produces large quantities of toxic chemicals, requires substantial amounts of
Asia's Textile and Apparel Exports will fall in 2009
Asia Textile And Apparel Exports Fall In 2009, Each Country Suffering Economic Slowdown, Asian Development Bank, Textile And Apparel Exports Fall In 2009, Apparel Exporters Resisted Economic
Cotton Price Heralds: Cost of Shirts, Blouses and Underwear to Rise
Cotton Price Heralds: Cost of Shirts, Blouses and Underwear to Rise
Polyester Market foresees high capacity & tight margins
Market Analysis of Polyester Value Chain Products - Polyester Market will have tough road ahead and Analysis of Polyester Prices trends.
Soaring Cotton Prices & Manufacturing Protests - the cotton equation
Cotton Prices – Soaring Cotton Prices, Increase in Cotton Prices affect in all Cotton Manufacturing Process and due to Rising Price in Cotton in 2010 Share of cotton in global fibre usage is likely to
Global cotton market trends for 2013
What are the global cotton trends for 2013? Predictions for world cotton pricing movement for 2013.
Global Naphtha Market: An Overview
2010, the International Naphtha market overview and Naphtha price trend report. The second half of the domestic naphtha market as a whole will be better than the first half, with the prices stable and
Global Retailers Decide to Mark up Prices
Global Apparel and Accessories Brands Retailers Decide to Mark up Prices - An article about the International Apparel and Accessories Brands Retailers Prices Hike Because of the India Rupee Fall.
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