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Global Meltdown Affecting Chemicals Price Heavily
Read Article on Global Meltdown Affecting Chemicals Price Heavily, Price of Caustic Soda Reaches Historical Heights, Price Trends of Caustic soda during May-Sep, 2008, Statistics of Chemical Industry.
Cotton versus Polyester: The “Race to Bottom” Price War
The price race between two of the most famous fabrics has always been on the top of discussion in the textile and apparel market.Cotton is ruling the textile industry since its inception. While
Short on needs
Short Availability of Cotton in the market due to lower productivity levels of Indian cotton production or lower overall production of cotton in the country. High Prices of Cotton, Ban Export of
One Answer to High Cotton Prices
One Answer to High Cotton Prices: The SUESSEN EliTe®Compact System is one means to help save the precious commodity cotton and use related commodities and resources such as Lower grade Cotton and
China's mounting costs favor Bangladesh apparel makers
China Labor Costs Increase helps Bangladesh Apparel Makers. China is no More Cheap, Increasing Labor Costs in China has helped Bangladesh Apparel Makers to get market share of China.
New Springs of Retailing in India
New Retailing Concepts: New Retailing Concept in India is applied because Garment Retailing moving towards shopping malls and departmental stores therefore Retailers made Retail Price Strategies,
Purchasing Power - Consumers willing to pay over price increases for cotton
Volatile Price of Raw Cotton increases have made many in the industry jittery, too. Yet new research from Cotton Incorporated shows that consumers are actually willing to pay more than what a
Demand for Cotton Exceeds Global Supply
Article By The Economics Times On The Demand For Cotton Exceeds Global Supply As International Cotton Prices Hit A 10-Year High In April And Demand For Yarn To Weave Cloth Is Far Higher Than Global
Processing of Silk/Cotton Blends in Short Staple Ring Spinning System - Some Studies
There has been a great demand for silk blended fabrics in recent years, due to increased price of raw silk.Blending of silk with cotton and manufacturing of blended yarns and fabrics will have both
Polyester /Viscose - Economic Uniform
The increase in cotton price has led to price increase of VSF and PSF to an extent. However, rising petroleum prices had made Polyester prices historical high.
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