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Global MEG Market Outlook | MEG Market Forecast Report
The report covers global , regional and country markets of monoethylene glycol. It describes present situation , historical background and future forecast of monoethylene glycol. It shows comprehensive data of monoethylene glycol capacities , production , consumption , trade statistics , and prices in the recent years (globally , regionally and by country). The report also indicates a wealth of information on monoethylene glycol producers and suppliers.
MEG Historical and Forecast Outlook till 2020
The report covers global , regional and present price situation , historical and future forecast of Monoethylene glycol consumption and capacity with data of Monoethylene glycol capacities of key players. Some of the key companies in the monoethylene glycol include: SABIC , Shell , BASF , Reliance Industries Limited , MEGlobal , Indian Oil Corporation , Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. , Huntsman Corp. , etc
Global PTA Market Outlook | Global PTA Market Report
study , PTA market is defined in terms of capacity , production , and consumption volumes of PTA. The PTA market is segmented by region (key countries of Asia , North America , South America , Europe and Middle East & Africa). In addition , the report also provides price trend and its forecast for 2020. The report includes key export and import data of PTA for top 10 exporter and importer countries. The report also has a brief supply and demand side analysis of PTA market.
Textile Market Intelligence Reports | Textile Forecast Reports & Trends Reports
Textile Market Intelligence Reports includes Research , Analysis , Forecasting , Market Trends and Market Intelligence Reports on Textiles , Cotton , Yarn , Polyester Value Chain , Acrylic , Polyolefin , Viscose , Chemical Pricing Trends , Supply & End Use Demands. Daily , Fortnight , Weekly and Monthly basis Textile Market Intelligence Reports only at Fibre2fashion.
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