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Soaring supply & dropping demand weaken cotton prices, India
Downtrend in the cotton market is expected to persist during December 2006 trough January 2007, as demand goes down, prices lower.Export
Production from revived NTC mills soon, India
National Textile Corporation (NTC) is all set to export yarn and cloth to European and American markets. Of the ailing units, two export-oriented
Cotton gray fabric reference prices at Zhili cloth town, China
Recently, the overall market of Zhili cotton cloth town has been relatively stable. Looking at the varieties trends, corduroy continues its smooth
Exports struggle due to lack of textile brands, China
Entering 2007, many textile enterprises are concerned about textile exports in the new year. Everybody agrees that the price advantage of Chinese
Textile material daily quotations - Dec 27, China
Today PTA and MEG prices are steady. Polyester staple fiber quotation shows no change .The prices of acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38 mm
WTO membership to cut down import tariffs, Vietnam
Sources from the Ministry of Finance informed that customers will get advantage of reduced prices on certain goods in 2007 due to slash in import
Cotton price downtrend stops as harvest season nears end, China
According to the monthly cotton report by China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), new cotton harvest was approaching its end in
Culp to close weaving & yarn plant, North Carolina, United States Of America
Culp Inc announced a revised U.S. upholstery fabrics manufacturing strategy with the consolidation of the company's U.S. upholstery fabrics
Yarn price hike makes cotton products dearer, India
Rising cotton yarn prices in last three months have resulted in the higher prices of cotton products by 6-12%. It has ended in price rise of products
Yarn producer Unifi revises Q2 forecast, United States Of America
Unifi Inc announced that it has revised its expectations for the financial results for the quarter ended December 2006. The Company previously
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