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Thursday: PTA prices up in Asia, Asia
PTA prices rose in Asia on Thursday with increase in buying in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices went up to...
Tuesday: PTA prices down in Asia, Asia
PTA prices reduced in Asia on Tuesday due to dull trading in the region. In FE Asia, PTA prices inched lower to...
Global cotton yarn exports increasing from 2017, Global
After registering a decline from 2013 to 2016, the global cotton yarn trade has been growing with a high CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2017 onwards. In terms of value, the global cotton yarn
Simco & TAF launch recycled yarns with Radianza, Bangladesh
Simco Spinning & Textile Ltd (Simco) - a yarn spinning company based in Bangladesh manufacturing yarns from recycled materials and Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) of Aditya Birla Group, have joined hands to
Developing nations importing more metallised yarn, Global
A trend of increasing import of metallised yarn by developing nations like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Turkey is being observed, according to data of last two years. Global metallised yarn import
Propylene prices stagnant in Europe last week, Europe
Propylene prices were constant in Europe in the last week due to absence of buyers in the region. In Europe, average prices were stable at...
Asian PTA prices lower last week, Asia
PTA prices moved down in Asia in the last week due to dull regional buying trend. In FE Asia, average prices lessened by...
Thursday: PX prices rise in Asia, Asia
PX prices climbed in Asia on Thursday due to strong buying in the region. In Korea, PX prices rose to...
Ethylene prices diminish in Europe last week, Europe
Ethylene prices plunged in Europe in the last week due to sufficient product supply in the region. In Europe, average prices deteriorated...
Uster devises value modules to reduce waste in yarns, Switzerland
Introduced at ITMA 2019, Uster has devised 3 special value modules enabling preventive actions to improve quality, reduce waste and maximise performance of yarns. The modules apply comprehensive
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