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Key to buying zippers
SBS Zipper supplies a variety of zipper products and accessories. It is essential that you keep in mind the following points before you purchase zippers.
Smooth sliding of zippers
Proper maintenance is essential for prolonged functioning of any clothing accessory. Following are the 4 steps for proper working of zippers for a long time.
Smart ways to recognize the 3 types of zipper sliders
There are several smart ways to identify various types of zipper sliders. We hope these tricks can be helpful when you purchase zippers and sliders.
Metal or coil zips: Which zipper type is better for footwear?
There are innumerable types of zips available in the market. Majorly, it is the metal zips and coil zips that are widely used in the footwear industry.
3 guidelines to use metal zippers in the jeans industry
Here, we will share 3 important guidelines to follow while using metal zippers for jeans to ensure their longevity and better performance.
Zipper parts: Top and bottom stops
Stops are elements that will restrain the movement of the slider at the top and bottom of the zipper.
Usage of salt spray test in the zipper industry
Salt Spray Test is generally used by zipper factories to measure the corrosion resistance of zippers and zipper accessories.
A guide to purchasing boot zippers
Boot zippers have grown popular due to their potential in combining function and form. Below are some tricks to incorporate zippers while manufacturing boots.
A foolproof guide to the application of various zippers
Given below are the main kinds of zippers based on the manufacturing materials and their respective applications. We hope this guide is helpful.
User's guide to SBS colour combination of coil zipper
Below is a user’s guide to SBS Colour Combination of Coil zipper, dyed with different colours in the sewing threads, teeth and tapes.
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