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A Vaccine for Indian Industry
The vaccine shot for Indian industry would be “manufacturing excellence”.
Future of the Indian Handicraft Industry
The Indian handicraft industry was one of the worst hit during the pandemic and in order to reinstate it to its previous glory, there are a number of steps that can be followed.
Entrepreneurship in Fashion and Apparel industry
In today’s era, people are more interested to become job givers rather than job seekers. This thought has given rise to the concept of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are known for their creative
How Technology Is Changing the Fashion Industry
The average monthly trade of global nonwovens was $2.28 billion in the last quarter of 2020. It remained the same in the H1 of 2021. Now it is expected to move up by 4.30 per cent in the H2 of 2021 to
Indian textile industry should focus on managing wastewater: Official, India
Wastewater management is critical for the survival of the textile industry in India and not a subject of charity, said Upendra Prasad Singh, secretary, minister of textiles, in a recently held virtual
Significance of Weddings for Indian Fashion Industry
The nation's wedding industry has developed into a powerhouse of unrivalled proportions and nowhere is this clout more apparent than in the business of fashion which has reconfigured itself to meet
Indian company GHCL among the best workplaces in chemical industry, India
GHCL Limited, a well-diversified group with presence in chemicals, textiles and consumer products segments, has been certified among the 'Best workplaces in the Chemicals Industry 2021'. Employees
What Occidental Men Can Learn From Indian Fashion
With unparalleled styles, striking colours, and artisanal cuts, Indian men fashion is a unique world, waiting to be discovered. In recent years, the number of Indian designers gaining image and
Sustainable dyeing technologies in the fashion industry
Humans have been colouring fabric for thousands of years. Nature provided the natural pigments for fabric dye until 1856 when WH Perkins discovered the use of synthetic dyes. Now, 90% of the world’s
Indian garment industry in midst of massive crisis: CMAI Survey, India
The micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) manufacturers of the Indian domestic garment industry are once again faced with a massive challenge caused by the current wave of COVID-19, with 77 per
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