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The Fiber Year 2006/07 - A World Survey on Textile and Nonwovens Industry
The Fiber Year 2006/07 - A World Survey on Textile and Nonwovens Industry
Bamboo fibers: A Review
Bamboo fiber is one of the new generation cellulosic fibers which are getting very popular nowadays because of its unique properties in term of feel, comfort, natural shine and so on.
Indian petrochemical industries
Glance of Petrochemical Industry, Indian petrochemical industries indicator of the social and economic development level of the respective countries. Polyolefin, Aromatics Paraxylene, Textiles Fibers
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites by M. Janarthanan, S.Palanisamy, U.Dinesh, P.Pradeep, C.Gowrishankar - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit
Nano-porous ultra-high specific surface fibers
Article is based on Nano Pores which is ultra high Surface Fibers. It includes application like chemical conversion, solid support catalysts, selective separation, membrane supported smart materials.
Tailor-made absorbent celulose fibers for nonwovens
This paper gives an overview of various physical and chemical methods to design man-made cellulosic fibres with tailor-made sorption properties. Viscose and lyocell are the dominating fibre materials
Manufacturers Strategising Cost Savings through Alternate Fibers
Manufacturers cost savings strategies through Alternate Fibers. Manufacturers is now relying more on alternative fibres to decrease spending on cotton.Read More
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles by Alan Beggerow - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
Opportunities and Business Strategies in Textiles: The Role of Man-made Fibres
The Man-Made Fibers play the important role in the current Indian Economy. The competition in Man Made Fibres Textiles industry is mounting due to the increasing population, economic growth.
Innovative Dyeing and Finishing Processes for Lyocell
Dyeing Processes of Lyocell, Finishing Processes of Lyocell - Innovative Dyeing and Finishing Processes for Lyocell. Lyocell fiber shows some superior characteristics over other cellulosic fibers.
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