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A Review on Natural Fiber Composites
Article By Supriyo Chakraborty As A Composite Material Is Made By Combining Two Or More Materials To Give A Unique Combination Of Properties, One Of Which Is Made Up Of Stiff, Long Fibres, And The
Advantages of Pineapple Fiber
Advantages of Pineapple Fiber: Biotechnological approach is way to recycle the pineapple leaf wastes and substitutes for cotton/artificial fiber production without harming the environment. This
Manufacturing process of Milk Fiber
Milk Fibre Manufacturing Process - Characteristics of milk fiber such as easy to dye under normal temperature and can be blended well with different fibers. History of Casein or Milk Fiber was
Hemp fibre for high quality textile
Hemp fabric is a sustainable textile made of fibres of a very high-yielding crop in the cannabis sativa plant family. Historically used for industrial purposes, like rope and sails, hemp is known as
High-Performance Applications Of Textile Fibers In Civil Engineering
High-Performance Applications Of Textile Fibers In Civil Engineering
Shengma Fiber - An Overview
Shengma fiber is a new and exciting regenerated cellulose fiber from the Shengma plant. The western world knows this as bugbane rhizome.
Banana Edible Textile Fiber
Article on Banana Textile Fiber, Banana Edible Textile Fiber by Hiren Jaiswal, Yogita Agrawal and Divya Palkar. Learn about Banana Textile Fiber, Banana Edible Textile Fiber mechanical properties of
Silk Fiber Production to Application
Silk Fibre Production and Application - Silk fiber is a filament spun by the caterpillars of various butter flies. There are various types of silks such as wild silk, thrown silk, organize silk and
Micro Fiber Fabric Dyeing
The History of Micro fibers - Japanese fibre manufacturing companies launched the first micro-denier products during the 1970s. Benefits of Microfibers include comfortable, quickly cleanable, reusable
China comes under the global radar of nylon fibre market
Nylon Fiber: Nylon Fiber Industry, Nylon Fiber Market are currently shifting towards the Asian regions, especially China recovering from the economic downturn. Uses of Nylon, Textile Nylon Fiber are
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