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Contamination in PV Fiber Dyed Spinning - A Big Threat to Yarn and Fabric Quality
The contamination is one of the major challenges faced by spinners in India even though it is a non-technical issue in nature.
Studies on Fiber Migration in Wet Spun Cotton Compact Yarns
Fiber Migration Theory of Compact Yarn - The relationship between the migration properties and the properties of wet spun cotton yarns has been examined. Wet spun cotton yarns exhibit higher migration
Shape Memory Polymer Fibers For Comfort Wear
Shape Memory Polymer Fibers For Comfort Wear
One detail that fashions grace: a cashmere scarf
One detail that fashions grace: a cashmere scarf by Rick Martin - Free Fashion Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel
UCA - an opportunity for Indian exporters to expand their markets
Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being deployed in plethora of activities in driving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the business.
Nylon market outlook till 2020
In this article we will understand Nylon market outlook till 2020. Read the article to know about the production and consumption of nylon fibers.
Spin to weave the world with Lyocell
Lyocell Fiber Product: Lyocell has by far the best strength amongst fibres with a natural cellulose origin. Various Lyocell Fiber Products such as Lyocell Garments, Viscose Lyocell Fiber and Lyocell
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers: About environmentally-friendly clothing and eco-friendly fashion and textiles. Read more about Eco Friendly Fibres,Eco Friendly Fiber,Eco Fibre,Eco Fibres,Eco Friendly
High Performance Fibers from Nature
Natural High Performance Fibers, Silk-Spun Protein Fiber from Spiders And Insects, Spider Silk Production Not Domesticated, Spider Dragline And Silkworm Cocoon Silks Considered As Semi Crystalline
Soybean Fibers - A Review
Soybean Fiber Properties are smoothness/luster/comfort/absorbency/strength/shrinkage when mix with other fibers.
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