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Interview: Zarif Sharifovich Tadjibaev, Director, ZARIF Sewing Machine Company Limited
Zarif Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. was founded by Zarif Sharifovich Tadjibaev in 1994 when Tadjibaev invented a new double thread chain stitch technology. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Tadjibaev
Interview: Alice Tonello, R&D and Marketing Director, Tonello
Tonello is an international benchmark for the garment-processing industry. Alice Tonello, R&D and Marketing Director of Tonello, spoke to Fibre2Fashion on how Tonello is equipped to deal with a
Interview: Cyril Pereira, Managing Director, Reed Exhibitions India, organiser of Asian Machine Tool Exhibition 2016
A Talk with Cyril Pereira from Reed Exhibitions India, organiser of Asian Machine Tool Exhibition 2016.Cyril Pereira on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Reed Exhibitions India, organiser of Asian
Interview: Kartik Kapoor, Director, India Industrial Garment Machines Pvt Ltd
Kartik Kapoor is the Director of India Industrial Garment Machines Pvt Ltd, shares about some insights on the Indian market for garment machinery and IIGM as a company in an interview with
Interview: Eric Fessler, Area Sales Manager, N Schlumberger
Manufacturer of textile machinery, N Schlumberger is a global player in combing/recombing, spinning preparation, tow to top and semi-worsting of long staple fibres. Eric Fessler, speaks about
Interview: Cong Zheng, Vice-Secretary General Director, China Textile Machinery Association
CTMA is constituted voluntarily by the manufacturers, enterprises and scientific research institutes in the textiles machinery and accessories industry of China. Cong Zheng, vice-secretary general
Interview: Atul Vaidya, General Manager, Oerlikon Textile India Pvt Ltd
Oerlikon Textile India Pvt Ltd with its brands Barmag and Neumag has been active in MMF spinning for the last 30–35 years. General manager Atul Vaidya explains the need to focus on the production and
Interview: Marcel Moser, Area Sales Director, Benninger AG
Benninger is a manufacturer of technologically advanced textile finishing and tyre cord solutions for the global textile, chemical fibre, tyre and conveyor belt manufacturers. Marcel Moser discusses
Interview: Lorenzo Marsiglio, Executive Sales Director, Tecnorama
Tecnorama designs and manufactures machinery for automatic dispensing of liquid and solid dyestuffs and chemicals for laboratory and bulk production. Executive sales director Lorenzo Marsiglio chats
Interview: Lacopo Pardini, Area manager, Arioli Spa
Arioli Spa started supporting textile industries of Milan and Como by building suitable machinery for fabric printing. Area manager Lacopo Pardini shares insights about the new technologies used in
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