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Small and Beautiful
Lost in the din of furiously-debated issues and dwarfed by giant-size brands are the innumerable small-time stores and feisty initiatives that keep doing cutting-edge and exemplary work in the field
Weft knitted fabrics and derivatives
The fabric structure is the fundamental unit that controls all properties of weft knitted fabrics. S Senthil Kumar discusses derivatives of structures in weft knitted fabrics, besides the properties,
The 411 on Odour Resistant Fabrics
Odour resistant fabrics may be versatile and cost-effective, but are they safe? There are many innovative fabric trends on the rise; from the utilization of pineapple leaves, to waterless denim. It
Seven Fabric Trends for 2019
Recycling and Upcycling are two of the biggest trends of the new year. Bionic Yarn and Sea2See are just two suppliers that have been recycling and upcycling plastic from the ocean into new apparel.
The 411 on CBD-Infused Textiles
You may soon see CBD on the label of your clothes. The minute we hear the term CBD, our minds immediately go to one thing: marijuana. Understandably so, as the two are closely related. However, this
Sustainable sisal staging comeback in new avatar
The drought-resilient sisal fibre grows well all year round in hot climate and arid regions which are often unsuitable for other crops. It is resilient to disease and its input requirement is low
Transforming Food Waste into Fashion
Sustainable apparel fabric suppliers are taking advantage of a remarkable new source of material: agricultural waste, the discarded byproducts from the cultivation of orange, banana, sugarcane, and
Getting Suited Up
The suitings segment today is nothing like it was three or four decades ago. Lifestyles have changed drastically, as have tastes and requirements. Top officials of three major brands speak their minds
Rich Heritage, Richer Potential
The way forward for manufacturers in South India is to take maximum benefit of the textiles heritage of the region and combine it with modern manufacturing techniques.
Sustainable Consumption And Profit: Can They Be Aligned?
Sustainable production and consumption are the main goals for sustainable fashion brands. That usually entails a pre-purchase cross-examination of what a fashion item is made of, how it is made, and
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