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What is Ethical Fleece?
Our ethical fleece is a sustainable fabric consisting of Lenzing Ecovero (viscose rayon) and recycled polyester. Derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production
Recycled Polyester for Sustainable Growth
Textile industry's sustainability growth can be achieved by Recycled Polyester,recycled polyester fabric, recycled polyester fiber & recycled polyester yarn.
Fabric from Worn Clothing Recycled
This Article Describes About Fabric From Worn Clothing Recycled I.E Recycled Fabric As Sustainable Clothing Is Made Of A Diverse Web Of Organic And Natural Fibers. Recycling Polyester Means Using Less
Be Kind, Recycle: VHS Tapes Turned Fabric
Although exploring fibers that can be made from renewable, natural materials has great environmental benefits, the natural world isn’t the only place to look for eco-friendly materials. Instead of
Anti-microbial & blood-repellent finishes on surgical fabrics
Functional finishes to surgical fabrics for blood repellency and anti-microbial action boost the protection level for doctors in a hospital, say N Mekala and Dr J Srinivasan.
Taiwan firms see risks, benefits from trade war
Textile exporters of Taiwan have welcomed a US ruling on dumping of polyester textured yarn by Chinese and Indian companies, but those operating in Vietnam see risks instead of new business
A Review Of The Decades Already Emerging Trends
As we review the past year, certain moments stand out. LYST’s Year In Fashion Report revealed some of the top searches and trends inspired by the major moments of 2020.
Transforming Waste into Exquisite Collections
Circular economy (CE) today has become a necessity to protect our planet from landfills and reduce pressure on non-renewable resources.
Futuristic Fabrics to Watch For in 2020
New fabrics are shaping the future of fashion. Here are a few you can expect to see in 2020. Fashion-forward brands and suppliers are always looking for ways to create fabrics that will last longer
20 Things You Can Do With Old Clothes That You Can’t Donate
I’ve decided to do a deep cleaning out my wardrobe, and donate some of the clothes I no longer wear. However, after I’ve skimmed through a mountain of unwanted clothes, I wasn’t sure what to do with
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