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Recession and Luxury: The Global Market
Luxury market is a broad term that encompasses perfumes, jewelery, watches, clothes, footwear and many more. Worldwide market for luxury goods has a highly cyclical nature.
Golden Era for the Golden Fibre of Bangladesh
Article by Fibre2fashion, Golden Era for the Golden Fibre of Bangladesh, Traditional jute products has declined over the year, The profit margin for Textile & Garment export now reached to a
Exploring the 'Brand Spanking' Indian Markets
Article By Fibre2fashion On Exploring The Brand Spanking Indian Markets As Prominent And Exclusive International Brands Seeking Entry Into Indian Markets And Top Luxury Brand Czars Are Attracted
Eco Trend: Conscious Fashion with Style
Article by fibre2fashion, In growing concern of eco fashion Green Garments is generating big buzz in Eco Friendly Clothing ehnancing Business Development Standards with Earth Friendly Products,
Bangladesh Garment Exporters in Expansion Mode, Despite Uncertainties
Article By The Stitch Times, Bangladesh Garment Exporters In Expansion Mode, 20th Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition Talked With The Bangladeshi Garment Exporters About Further Expansion,
Automation in Spinning
Article By M. Kalidass, Automation In Spinning, Innovation Key Factor To Operating Successfully In Market, Cotton Spinning Is Relatively Modernized Industries, Yarn Producing Technology In Textile
Sub Saharan Africa Enjoys Benefits of AGOA
Article By Fibre2fashion.Com On Sub Saharan Africa Enjoys Benefits Of Agoa, As The Saharan Region Of Africa Is Still Struggling To Get A Strong Foot Hold In The Global Arena So African Growth And
Lessons Learned From the History of Technology Adoption in the US Textile Industry
Article By New Cloth Market for US Textile Technological Achievements During The Twentieth Century, Where Changes Are Discontinuous And Happening At A Geometric Rate, Are Not Really New To Human
Rising Labor Costs In China: Does It Favor The Asian Counterparts?
Article By Fibre2fashion The Mounting Pressures Created By The Rising Labor Costs Are Making The Apparel Retailers, Especially From The Us To Look Afar China, The Biggest Challenge In Front Of The
Yarn, Fabric Weaving and Yarn-Dyed Industrial Cluster Status
Although The Production Of The Products, The Performance Of Larger Companies For Spinning, Weaving Enterprises Is Relatively Small, But Cotton Is Still The Main Features Of The Cluster Over The Number
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